Theme of the Symposium

Welding in Russia - 2020: Current status and prospects.
- The current state and development prospects of welding production in Russia;
- Welding and technological properties of materials and equipment: registration methods, expert assessment;
- Research methods for the mechanical and special properties of permanent joints;
- Laser technologies and equipment: fundamental research and experience in industrial applications;
- Technologies and equipment for electron beam processing;
- Heat and mass transfer and thermomechanics of dispersed media;
- Methods and means of temperature measurements;
Material Science, Reliability, and Resource
- Physics and mechanics of the strength of materials at low temperatures, reliability and service life of structures in cold climates;
- Fundamental and applied aspects of creating new materials and critical technologies; technical diagnostics of potentially dangerous and critical objects;
- Polymer and composite materials and products for use in extreme climatic conditions;
Risk assessment and safety of technical systems, oil and gas facilities and energy
- Problems of development of energy, transport of energy resources and the oil and gas complex of the northern regions;
- Technologies for forecasting risk and modeling emergencies of a natural and man-made nature;
The symposium will be held
Exhibition and Presentation of Innovation Projects